Microbial home project

By no means do I claim to be environmentalist or I perform mean feats of fanatical recycling. We have a compose bin which I am thought to believe it was the holy grail and answer to depleting our carbon foot print. But just when I thought I have revolutionise our garbage by separating our glass, paper and house old garbage. Behold unto me we have the Microbial Home Probe project – excuse my ignorance when I think microbial I instantly draw to conclusion this must be a new way of cooking.

This domestic goddess  is ecosystem that it is designed to provide solutions to energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting via bacteria and wait for it human waste…wow! I have so much too learn about our environment. I hang my head in shame feel the need to place fertiliser on our garden to make the guilt go away – but then again the would be increasing our carbon foot print.

Well done Phillips for a creative, ingenious  idea and for the environment.



Credit images: Phillips


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