Steve Jobs – biography

I have really enjoyed reading The Steve Jobs biography by request of the Jobs family, it pulls no punches and aims to paint an honest depiction of one passionate man, the fire in his belly, the determination to build an everlasting product that was vertically integrated and his belief in a close source model. Learn the high’s and low’s of a remarkable key figure, I remember one insert the author wrote towards the end of the publication, “Steve Jobs was not a intelligent person, he was genius”.

This book illustrates the motivation behind the methodology, brutal honesty, the “distorted reality syndrome” – Steve Jobs was like Yoda he possess Jedi Knight powers. He could empower and demote the people he worked. Never knew that he was adopted and his biological sister is Mona Simpson the writer. Steve Jobs controlled with finesse every product within Apple corporation – this book is a must read and if I had chance to impact people lives or motivate them, I would suggest that this book is an Inredible read, while you read the book you gain a deeper understanding of Apple, the products, the person Steve Jobs. Big thank you must go to Walter Isaacson’s for writing the biography would not have been an easy task.

Steve Jobs Biography click on link to purchase.

Another amazing fete that Steve Jobs left behind is his incomplete boat that he worked with Dutch boat building company Feadship Super yacht

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