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I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Toby Smith at Toby’s cafe in Woolloomoolo Sydney. Found him to be very passionate, a firm belief in his brand and product. Toby is very open, about his focus, love of coffee shares his advice to anyone that is willing to lend an ear. Now, it’s NYC turn to have this gifted person share his knowledge, belief and down to earth attitude.

So any fellow Kiwi’s, Australian’s living or dropping into NYC – place your support behind Toby and his team of Barista’s 125 North 6th Street (near Berry) Williamburg, Brooklyn. Local New Yorkers try some real coffee.

The Third Wave Coffee movement is all about taking the bean and beverage to new levels of consideration, placing huge importance on sourcing, roasting and then brewing. As we could see on a tour of their soon-to-open Brooklyn location, Australian outfit Toby’s Estate Coffee seems to be fully on board, but founder Toby Smith is serious about keeping pure enjoyment at the forefront.

A man who originally got into the craft by roasting beans in his parents’ garage over a decade ago—and who subsequently offered tastings in their garden—Smith keeps this art form alive with a massive Probat roaster and cupping room (equipped with a La Marzocco GB/5) on-site. This is not only where serious consumers can take one of Toby Estate’s highly in-depth courses, but it also serves as a place where Pigot and the team can taste each batch for quality assurance and make adjustments to the roasting and brewing processes.

Credit Images: Cool Hunting


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  1. Cool post. We like it. Next week we’ll have an exclusive video and photos of a Coffee Bar east of the Atlantic. So maybe: See you soon. – the transatlantic diablog

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