Ben Tour – the artist / illustrator

Canadian-born artist Ben Tour  channels a dark, often haunting sense of humanism in his work. His observations deftly inform his paintings, enabling him to capture the essence of a character, and then distort that view any way he desires. Frenetic lines, swaths of color, and intimate angles all convey a sense that Tour may not only be drawing inspiration from the lives of strangers he observes, but manifesting his own personal experiences as well. Ben Tour lives on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia with his Wife and two children.

For the last several years I have been keeping a track on the development of Ben Tour part out of interest the other out of complete admiration in his ability as an artist. Some of his illustrations takes me back to an old favourite film tank girl by no means do I say that in disrespectful manner to Ben’s abilities. That comment is for drawing a comparison for people who follow this blog – some of you might agree or disagree if so please leave a comments. In the meantime look out for Ben Tour artwork.   +thematerialsleuth+

Credit images. Ben Tour website


About thematerialsleuth

I work in the digital industry and this blog is an outlet for things that I admire whether its design, interior, graphic, fashion, styling, industrial, architecture, art, illustration, music or other bloggers etc. I constantly search for different artists who do not grab the media attention or have high profiles brand ambassadors pushing their products.


  1. His style certainly grabs one’s attention!

  2. peter

    Reblogged this on my adventure as a… and commented:
    oh man these colors. the technique of rendering. the angle of the head and the tilt make it feel really sensual yet forlorn. like i need to reach out and hold her. the other ones are very attractive to look at but i guess im not drawn to them as people in the same way.

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