Emmanuelle Alt – One cool down to earth chic

What is there not to love about Emmanuelle Alt, she loathes exercise, has never been to a gym, dismisses massages and facials, and isn’t too bothered about her hair and make-up.

She doesn’t carry the habitual front-row “accessory” man- bag, fancy bottle of mineral aqua squeesed from mountain Olympus butt cheeks. “I don’t like water. I drink Diet Coke.” Nor does she smoke, or drink alcohol or even sip a “café”. On top of the is new found respect for the is woman she is French Vogue’s new editor-in-chief, doubts she really is French.

The Devil Wears Prada, actually she prefers other labels Her “uniform” is skinny jeans , from J. Brand, Acne, or, her favourite, Topshop – “they have the best.” Complete opposite to her US counter part, editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.


About thematerialsleuth

I work in the digital industry and this blog is an outlet for things that I admire whether its design, interior, graphic, fashion, styling, industrial, architecture, art, illustration, music or other bloggers etc. I constantly search for different artists who do not grab the media attention or have high profiles brand ambassadors pushing their products.

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