Peony Lim

Peony Lim studied Fashion Promotion at London University of Arts, and graduated with a First Class Degree in Art History from the Courtauld Institute. After being photographed by streetstyle photographers outside her university she started peonylim.blogspot in November 2010.

In the first year of running peonylim.blogpost she has been featured in The Sunday Times Style, Grazia, ASOS Magazine, Tatler, Lucky, Glamour USA and The LFW Daily. Additionally online she has been seen on Harpers Bazaar, Grazia IT, Vogue USA, Italia, Japan and China,, New York Magazine and many more.

With a Chinese and English background Peony Lim travels between London and Asia to write her online style diary, work as a stylist and find pieces to sell in her online boutique (launching November 2011).

Image credit:Street peeper,


About thematerialsleuth

I work in the digital industry and this blog is an outlet for things that I admire whether its design, interior, graphic, fashion, styling, industrial, architecture, art, illustration, music or other bloggers etc. I constantly search for different artists who do not grab the media attention or have high profiles brand ambassadors pushing their products.

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