Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is a member of a group of experimental designers who emerged from Belgium in the mid-1980s, known today as the ‘antwerp six’. Termed deconstructivists, they achieved recognition by creating raw, elemental, non-traditional clothes. Demeulemeester designs with a close attention to detail and prefers to concentrate on pairing unusual fabrics, rather than focusing on colour and ornament. Demeulemeester combines unconventional cutting and tailoring with distressed fabrics, and always mixes the austere with the avant-garde. Ann loves layering, and primarily works with black and white colors. Her signature, neo-gothic rock-n-roll look is unmistakable, and gives an edge to her collections. I think Ann is also a master of the moving silhouette.

image credit: GQ, Cool e CHIC


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