The sweeping change in men’s shoes

I remember last year wandering into a shoe store thinking to myself I feel like I am in a antique store every colour of shoe seems to be the same (mahogany wood) brown. Or the depression standard black shoe followed by a yawn. But, of late I have notice a more daring dapper types of shoes injected with colour hitting the pavement. It is about time that mens shoes reinvented itself and creativity has replaced the standard colors on offer brands have decided to become bolder and throw caution to the wind. I find this empowering it allows people to dress and be distinctively different from each other. No one wants to be wearing mahogany brown shoes and look like the other person in queue waiting at a bus stop or feel like they have walked out of a antique store. Have you noticed men’s shoes offering a better variety if so let me know what brand of shows have caught your attention.



Arfango Shoes

Christian Louboutin


Credit Images: Prada, Christian Louboutin, Del Toro, Super Glamourous, Duckie Brown, Arfango.



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I work in the digital industry and this blog is an outlet for things that I admire whether its design, interior, graphic, fashion, styling, industrial, architecture, art, illustration, music or other bloggers etc. I constantly search for different artists who do not grab the media attention or have high profiles brand ambassadors pushing their products.

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