Josh Goot from humble beginnings


Josh Goot is an Australian fashion designer. He established his eponymous label in 2004 and presented his first collection in 2005. Goot’s designs have been praised for their minimalist aesthetic, clean, crisp lines, bold colour blocking, and their overall accessibility. Indeed, UK Vogue once gleefully remarked after a Josh Goot show: “Every girl needs a little Josh Goot in her wardrobe.”

Born in Sydney, Goot veered toward film, music and fashion early (his mother is a music teacher). In 1999, he embarked on a Media Art and Production degree at Sydney’s University of Technology, but a New York jaunt inspired him, and he soon realised his talents were better expressed through fashion design, which he described as “another way to talk to people”.

While still working out of his parent’s home, Goot won the 2005 Tiffany & Co. Young Designer of the Year Award for his debut collection. Judges were impressed by the clever concept and clean aesthetics of the line. Goot returned to New York, where he received overwhelmingly positive reviews for his debut collection, and the label was featured on the cover of iconic fashion bible Women’s Wear Daily.

Fashion Week Sydney

It has been a dark morning for MBFWA. The two brightest jewels in the schedule’s crown have both fallen out, with Josh Goot announcing he will no longer be showing at Australian Fashion Week.

Reason behind withdrawing from Fashion Week

The cost of a show at MBFWA can run upwards of $50,000 depending on the scale of production involved, and given the week’s dates sit well after buying season has already ended, showing on schedule is purely a marketing exercise for most designers.

“This is the right decision for the Josh Goot brand, business and team. We’ve had an amazing response to Spring Summer 2012, and I think it’s important that we consolidate our position, rather than rush into a new collection to show at MBFWA. The entire studio and I want to focus on the new Resort collection without the distraction of a show.”

Where to buy: Josh Goot

Credit Images: Broadsheet, Vogue, Pedestrian TV.

Josh Goot Video

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