Etro from furnishing to menswear


Etro started as a textile house in 1968, producing superb fabrics in intricate prints. The company expanded into ready-to-wear in the nineties, and the brand now covers home furnishings, fragrance, and accessories. All aspects of the business are still family-owned and operated: Veronica Etro designs womenswear; Kean Etro handles menswear; and brothers Jacopo and Ippolito run Etro’s textiles and accessories, and finance and home divisions, respectively. The Etro look is still consistent and pervasive: dazzlingly printed separates, lustrous fabrics, and offbeat color combinations.

TMS Commentary: This will have to be listed as one of my favourite menswear labels allot of layering, colour and not afraid to use it, amazing suiting, detail especially around when Etro releases their winter collection. The use of velvet and the combinations of materials they use in their shoes pay particular attention to the underside (sole) of the shoe. Enjoy the video below.

Where to buy: Mr Porter

Motivation behind the collection

For the next winter Kean takes us on a journey to rediscover the epic of life. The man, inspired by Pegasus, wears feathers and takes flight. Leaving behind the known world, he chooses the realm of the fantastic and the lightness of being. He does it through a series of symbols which translates into a warm and sumptuous proposal, as consoling and redeeming as a cup of hot chocolate under a blanket. The traditional attire of the male wardrobe has been reworked, and even the everyday holds perceptive surprises normally confined to the evening, to the sacredness of the ceremony. A proposal for life: soaring high and seeing the everyday as a celebration of beauty. The richness of the materials, the details and the finishings enhance the sartorial spirit and design of each single piece, carrying it into the domain of the most refined eccentricity.

Image credits: Etro, Cool Chic.

Video content: 2012-2013 Men Collection


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