Mr. Hare shoes the hotsteppers

Mr Marc Hare, previously in fashion marketing and retail, launched his shoe brand, Mr. Hare, in 2009. The emphasis is on high-quality shoes (all pairs are handmade in Tuscany, Italy) with rakish designs and elegant details, manufactured in limited quantities for discerning customers.

Where do you find your inspirations?
I tend to visit all the big trade fairs look at what is happening in the market, visit all the stores, gather all the trend reports, print images from the blogs; then me and the team will collate and burn all that stuff in a huge bonfire, break out the peyote and mescaline, and drum and dance to the shoe gods. After three days of orgiastic reverie, we make whatever anyone has managed to scribble down.

TMS commentary 
I have always observed from a far what are people wearing on their feet purely from a appreciation stand point not  from dark place.  You always here the old cliché you can tell a person by their shoes. I think it comes down to status and what you can afford, a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes not necessarily on my bucket list of things to buy it doesn’t even appear on my christmas wish list. I think for me personally its about how can I stand out without breaking a sweat over my purchase and the practicality, comfortable shoes that can blend well with the items of clothing that sit within my wardrobe. I know for me that I have been eyeing up purchasing Mr. Hare shoes, simple reason that you might not agree with. But for me they offer me a point of difference, affordability and the creative aspects of matching my personality.

where to buy:, oki-ni

image credit: Mr Porter,, Hyperbeast

TMS next purchase King Tubby in hot pink



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