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Founded in 2002, rag & bone had one very clear vision in mind: to make clothes that they and their friends would love to wear every day. With no formal fashion training, Marcus Wainwright & David Neville set about learning how to make jeans. They believed that denim represented the history, authenticity and fundamentals of classic work wear that they would strive to reflect in their designs.

Beginning in Kentucky, rag & bone surrounded themselves with people who had been making patterns, cutting fabric and sewing their whole lives. Working with these kinds of craftsmen taught them the importance of quality, craftsman-ship and attention to detail early on.

rag & bone accessories for both men and women, adding a touch of style and distinction to their tailored looks. Guided by a strong British tailoring influence, rag & bone produces classic yet modern sportswear for men and women that is known for being understated and wearable. Each piece, whether it be a tailored shirt or a pair of jeans, is framedby the constants of high quality fabric, classic construction and perfect fit with a handmade feel.

In 2010, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright were named Menswear Designers of the Year by the CFDA.

rag & bone is a lifestyle brand, offering men’s, women’s, footwear and accessories collections which are available at high end boutiques and exclusive department stores worldwide rag & bone also operates four flagship stores, men’s and women’s, on Christopher Street in NYC’s West Village, as well as a SoHo shop at 119 Mercer Street.

Shop website: rag & bone
Rag & Bone display a broad range of essential pieces for men and women, each season they consistently producing items in their collections that you add to your must have or your wish list. I am big fan of their fall collection.
2012-2013 fall collection:Stripes, stripes with a pinch of floral and ombré made it on to the runways at the Men’s Fall/Winter 2012 Rag & Bone show. The styling was kept sleek and smart, but still had the Rag & Bone casual affair. The clothes looked like they can easily be worn during a night out, then switch up the look with a plain tee for a laid back morning. Especially those striped pants and cardigans.

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