Leigh Lezark from DJ to model


Leigh Lezark was born on July 26, 1984, in Toms River, New Jersey. Her father worked in the fiberglass industry, but as she grew older, Leigh Lezark adopted the artistic inclinations of her mother.

In fall 2001, Leigh Lezark was two weeks into a new life in New York City and photography studies at Hunter College. Things changed again at a Tiswas party where she met and later lived with Greg Krelenstein and Geordon Nicol. All sharing a mutual interest in music and a disdain for the current party scene, they threw an elaborate party in their apartment and served as the resident DJs. When it attracted over 300 guests, the trio knew that a career could be had from their party abilities.

Calling themselves The Misshapes, Leigh Lezark et al. used fake resumes and exaggerated ages to create their own DJ nights at Luke & Leroy’s in 2002 and then at Don Hill’s. The wild success of these nights solidified The Misshapes as skillful DJs, and they attracted regular crowds, including a horde of celebrities. Boy George was one of The Misshapes’ earliest guest DJs and, in time, familiar faces like Sienna Miller, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Chloe Sevigny, Hilary Duff, and Mandy Moore began showing up.

Leigh Lezark Group the misshapes

TMS: Leigh seem to be one of these people that just lands on her feet. I mean this more in the fashion sense whether it is the standard drape in black with a leather jacket or even wearing high-end Chanel she seem to carry herself very well. Her striking features, coupled with her statement hairstyle this is personality that can walk and add creative beats to the catwalk.

Image Credits: Citizen Couture, Fashioniasta.com, stylethread blog, savethesociety.com, streetpeeper.com, flipandstyle.com. posh24.com, jaime-ellicson blog.

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