Die Antwoord Yolandi Visser offers a different atmosphere


Yolandi Visser (Yo-Landi Vi$$er, born Anri Du Toit) is a South African singer/rapper who co-fronts the rap-rave group Die Antwoord. She was also part of notable music and art groupsMaxNormal.TV and The Constructus Corporation.She has a child named Sixteen Jones with frequent collaborator and fellow Die Antwoord frontman Watkin Tudor Jones.


With an ultra blonde mullet, a too long to type acrylic set, cropped tops salvaged from Goodwill and gold leggings, Yolandi’s style is straight trailer fab. Her nails are sicker than anyone I’ve seen working the desk at the DMV and the fact that she seemingly prefers sneakers to heels speaks very highly of her. Although she has a special love for American Apparel’s shiny gold tights, she’s also been spotted in outfits that seem to be composed of 80s and 90s castoffs found at the thrift-store and worn as is-no clever remixing vintage to look brand new in Yolandi’s closet. While she loves old school ghetto-gold and sneakers.

TMS: While most people seat on the side line examining, being critical of who and what others are wearing. Instead of embracing that person individual efforts, instinct and fashion sense. Yolandi and her blond platinum mullet type hairstyle embodies a unique quality as musician, a fashion icon in my opinion, a creative genius and in her ability just not to care. Look at her rap counter part Ninja, they create what is  right for them, dancing to their own beat. Both personalities posses untapped, organic qualities and it is pleasure to witness a change from the bling bling diamond rap mogul, to a down earth creative force.


Die Antwoord is an experimental (and partially satirical) rap group consisting of Yo-landi Vi$$er, Ninja (Jones) and DJ Hi-Tek (Justin de Nobrega). The band self-identifies as a melange of several diverse cultures all mixed into one. Die Antwoord identifies their style as “Zef” music, Zef being an Afrikaans term which loosely translates to the culture of South African working class whites, especially those residing in Cape Town. Their lyrics are performed in both Afrikaans and English. In case of Die Antwoord, Visser’s persona is that of a singer-rapper-sexpot.

Website: Die Antwoord

image credits: weheartit.com, catstatblogspot, londona.com, imgpark.com,delanlu.com,midnitevulture.com



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