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Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer. He was born in 1974 and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. In his early age he rode the Italian “Vogue” between classes and wrote about fashion in French essays. Scott attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, for fashion design. After his graduation, the 21-year-old Scott made a pilgrimage to Paris where his collection, made out of paper hospital gowns and inspired by the body-modifying artist Orlan, would go down in fashion folklore. And his first formal runway presentation in October 1997, ‘Rich White Women’, presenting asymmetrically cut trousers and multifunctional T-shirts, would establish Scott as a considerable Paris presence. But controversy clings to the designer like a Pierre Cardin teddy bear brooch – later collections, such as March 1998’s infamous ‘Contrapied’ show, have met with a mixture of incredulity, derision and bemusement, all the while establishing key details of the Scott aesthetic; attention to volume, an obsession with logos (including the best-selling back-to-front Paris print), a hard-edged Mugler-esque glamour and a wicked way with fur.

the look
The fact that Jeremy Scott was born in Kansas may explain the Oz-like sense of whimsy in his designs. His farcically-themed shows have taken inspiration from S&M leather culture, mermaids and sea monsters, and even Gilette Venus razors, featuring wild designs incorporating trash bags, dollar bills, and one-legged pants.


TMS: Jean Paul Gaultier, Rick Owens, Vivenne Westwood, Alexander Mcqueen and Gareth Pugh all have push the boundaries of fashion, whether through whimsical, theatrics, plaid, wrapped in leather, each individual has showcase their interpretation of how they foresee life. The general public would snarl or make negative remarks and frown upon these fashion misfits, perhaps slightly misunderstood by the general punter. Cliché reports on what planet or heavily subscribed medication was that designer on to come up with concepts or fashion collections like that. I think the opposite I think each person mention above including Jeremy Scott are brilliant they offer different shades of light, push pass the status quo and allow you to ask questions. How did that person come up with that idea, how did they forge that from leather or what permitted that designer to come up with that pattern or style of clothing.

People like jeremy scott and his industry fashion colleagues offer a completely different realm, pass normal, display a sense of creativity that we could either love or hate. I prefer to post people that push the edge present  different idea’s, challenges and collections.


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