Ann Demeulemeester 2013 spring / summer

the collection

Ann Demeulemeester place in fashion’s pantheon is all but assured. But she’s still got battles to wage. “I wanted to prove that color can fit into my world, too,” she said after a show that brought almost unprecedented shades into her realms. It opened with deep-wine purples and grew to include flambéed orange and sea blue, too.

That’s not to say the shift in palette radically altered Demeulemeester’s perspective. Ann’s man is, as ever, a Romantic and a sojourner. The Oriental resonances of the shapes she showed for Spring underscored this. Side-tied silk kimono tops took the place of waistcoats, bubbling out from beneath jackets, trailing sashes behind.

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tms: I like the ideal for dressing for all occasion that relaxing care free nature mixed with a dapper look. The clashing of two worlds dressing up to going out and coming home ready for bed time perfect.

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image credit:, cool chic blog.


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