Surli Recht 2012-2013 collection


Sruli Recht is an award-winning Designer, (Born 1979 in Jerusalem Israel). He is a citizen of Australia and is currently based in Reykjavik Iceland. Recht studied Fashion Design at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia, the city where he spent the majority of his life. His career began primarily in Fashion where he rapidly developed a unique style of experimental couture clothing influenced byFuturism, Cyberpunk, Russian Constructivism, Industrial design and Science-Fiction writing – particularly the work of Philip K. Dick and Bruce Sterling. Recht’s innovative approaches to materials and new technologies, particularly in recent years, have led to products including ~Elt – the first buckle-less water-cut leather belt, and a portable flat pack cardboard Cutting Table. Recht’s work is also considered by many to be controversial due in no small part to products such as theatrical garments made of Seal fur, Arctic Fox, and Minke Whale Skin.

website: Sruli Recht

the studio

The Sruli Recht studio is a cross-discipline practice caught somewhere between product design, tailoring and shoe making. Based in Reykjavík, the studio rose to notoriety as it began in 2008 to produce one “non-product” every month’ from umbrellas to bulletproof scarves, tables, to belts and boots, and incorporating such materials as concrete, diamonds, skin and wool.

collection: Circumsolar and fragments of dying light

tms: Surli Recht is such a incredible talent, designers you only need to view the video to see why. It’s his foresight and ability to display his intellect in each piece that he produce with his talented “The Armoury” team. Surli sensibility to look deeper, study, research textile, cloth, leather that local producers in Iceland use in very unique sense based on their lifestyle. But he transforms those materials and utilise it and shape to the body form, his engineering ability to nip tuck, mould and tailor the selected fabrics his overall willingness to embrace technology in the fashion design process and a unique hands on approach to prototyping and developing clothing. Time and time again I will constant display this marvel of a designer. If I was ever lucky to work or intern with Surli and his team it would be incredible opportunty bearing in mind the knowledge and the experience would be beneficial, if you review one of his intern Danius Bendikas and see the influence that had with his direction of design.

Circumsolar and fragments of dying light
~Featuring the choreography and performance of artist Tony Orrico Original score from acclaimed composer Nico Muhly Presented as runway and performance within the epic spaces of Palais Brongniart.

image credit: Now, For tomorrow


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  2. Thanks for sharing his work, I will denifitely check his out. I love the looks and brands you are sharing.

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