The Russian “Florence and the Machine”,Tatiana Sheverda.

tms: With any blog or website it is always about content and searching for items or people who reflect or challenge your perceptions or offer entirely different view. Tatiana Sheverada is one of those extraordinary talent that has the ability to transform a plain piece of paper into a contemporary passage of work. Her collection delivers so much texture and array of colour it’s not very often you see old world techniques adapted in to a collection. Shibori is a Japanese form of dying interest method an application, she has constructed work for Romance was Born another label that does not settle for mediocre.
Tatiana reminds of  Florence Welch from “Florence and Machine” for they both have unique appearances have a different outlook and view of design and in life. Are very talented, quirky and striking to look at. This is label that I will monitor to see what direction she will go – either way I believe it will be colourful,exciting, theatrical and far cry for being boring I can not wait to see her next collection please support this local talent all details for Tatiana are below.


Tatiana Sheverda is a fashion and textile designer with a passion for hand-crafted and one-off the kind pieces. Each item I design and make is unique. I never repeat my creations in an identical way – always change some elements, details, colour, embellishment, etc. So my customers can be sure they purchase one-off the kind garment or accessory! SheverDUSHKA – Fashion with Soul

Her new collection called “Transcendence” and the second one by “SheverDUSHKA” is finally launched. The autumn/winter women’s wear and the main item of the new range is outwear – jackets, coats, capes. The pieces, I believe, are the ones which set the whole look. Also, now, when I know my clientele better, I made some adjustments and the new collection is created with consideration for ladies of different sizes and shapes. Plus, although, each piece is OOAK, this time I will take orders to produce new versions of the items according to customers wishes but with certain changes in colour or/and textures, trims, etc. Thus, it is not identical to the original.Working on this collection I proceeded to explore textile techniques I got to experiment with developing my first collection “Human Chamaeleanus” – nuno-felting and shibori. It was love at first sight between me and those techniques 🙂 I totally love how they allow to create unique textures and surfaces.

What is shibori?
hibori is an ancient Japanese form of resist dyeing where many diverse forms of clamping and binding are used to form a resist preventing the dye from penetrating the fabric. Continually compared in
the Western World to Tie Dye, Shibori is a far more controlled and orderly form of resist dyeing.
Romance was born, Ama Garatshun
Where to buy: etsy
image credit: moodychameleon

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