Esther Quek challenging conventional fashion

tms: This unique creature recently caught my eye I admire people who are adventurous and have the ability to whip between one style to another never one to be adverse to prints or colours and unintentionally she does not appear to be wanting attention, Esther Quek is personality that is challenging peoples perception and thinking and looking bold.

bio: Esther Quek is the Group Fashion Editor at The Rake, the premiere lifestyle magazine for men with a specifically gentlemanly sophistication and style. She’s surrounded by the most up-to-date trends in the men’s fashion world, it’s no surprise that the influence of menswear is clearly reflected in Esther’s personal style.

twitter: Esther Quek

website: Rake magazine

images credits: Citzen Couture


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I work in the digital industry and this blog is an outlet for things that I admire whether its design, interior, graphic, fashion, styling, industrial, architecture, art, illustration, music or other bloggers etc. I constantly search for different artists who do not grab the media attention or have high profiles brand ambassadors pushing their products.

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