The intellectual duo behind Justice

How did they come to be

Emerging from the creative cocoon that has enveloped them since wrapping up promotional efforts for their 2007 Grammy-nominated debut †, Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Augé, the influential Parisian duo known as Justice, have announced the impending release of their second album Audio, Video, Disco. Straying even further from their dance music roots, the new effort is at once looser and heavier than previous releases, using the combined musical vocabulary of rock and electronic to conjure a laidback, agricultural effort existing on the outer fringes of pop.

what is justice

A profound explanation from lost in concert

What is Justice? Justice is the soundtrack to Castlevania. The bloodbath scene in Blade. Daft Punk without the hats. Tron. Space. Rock. Roll. Disco. Justice is, simultaneously, a migraine powered by a sensory overload you’d never want to cure and a trek through previously uncharted musical landscapes that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with two men and a bunch of instruments.

Listening to Justice is like watching Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s La cité des enfants perdus–a complete mindfuck. There’s something about the French that gives them the ability to produce mind-blowing content and Justice has it in spades. Their albums are rock, dance, electronic, disco, fuzz and everything else necessary to make great music. They have a handful of nominations and wins from Grammy and almost permanent places on the who’s who “Top XX Albums of the Year” whenever they release an album. Their remixes just so happen to be fucking fantastic too. There doesn’t seem to be anything the two gentlemen you see above are incapable of doing.

Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay are the new breed of the classic rock star. They light up arenas with light reflected from glistening boobs on countless topless women. They demolish clubs with a dance party that would tear down a venue twice its size.

tms: These two talented DJ’s seem to have the knack of keeping interesting friends and company likes of Busy P their manager, Cassius, Cosmo Vitelli and Daft Punk. That finer décor of being in the company of musical genius might have added to the unique beats and sound that is manufacture out of their studio. Both smoking, crowd motivating musician have add a decadent style of Parisian sensibility in terms of raw energy, crushed into martini glass of style, abusive rapture of sound, fashion 60-70s glam without the tactless of an adult film.


the equipment
Apart from the disco and funk influences of electro house, their style has been thought of as having some heavy metal influence[41] and combines cut-up bass lines with a compressed and distorted synth sound. Their music often includes bass slapping.

Equipment used by Justice in their productions include :

Their live setup includes :



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  1. Ben

    Hey man, Ben here from Lost In Concert. Just wanted to say thanks for putting the trackback to my words in the post, not many people do.

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