Krystel Davis – set to IXIAH

designer bio

Krystel Davis was born and raised between Auckland, New Zealand & Sydney, Australia. With a passion for the arts and travel, she sought a trade that would allow herself creativity as well as freedom.

Krystel gained extensive experience in design, illustration, and creative direction at high-end advertising firms before venturing out with an idea to commence her own distinct fashion label. She envisioned designing unique, exquisite garments for progressive and stylish individuals.

Krystel’s designs and unique philosophy continue to refresh the course of her collections. Her designs have been featured on an impressive client list including celebrity Nicole Richie, model ambassador Megan Gale, actress Isabel Lucas, pop singer Zoe Badwi, and fashion model Jess Hart.

She collaborated on the launch of IXIAH with multi-national beauty conglomerate, Paul Mitchell. She has also won numerous awards for Best Up and Coming designer and continues to be earning respect from the likes of her contemporaries.

Davis’ trademark “neo-tribal” style has catapulted into IXIAH where she continues to carve out a niche in the fashion industry because of her one-of-a-kind design aesthetic.


IXIAH is essentially for those with an individualistic spirit who dare to be different but not necessarily eccentric. The label’s apparel and accessories consist of rare elements including unique bindings and gilded tapestries. They align themselves with their  sophisticated  fashion  consumer whom they believe does not follow trends but more so  looks for  innovative  design with a strong, unique sense of style. IXIAH supports  their  philosophy of offering an  experience of something different, of quality and of  luxury by  designing garments that range from  Limited Edition,  Basics,  Denim, and  Ready to Wear.


One of my work colleagues attended the launch and DJ at the party for IXIAH after he mentioned the brand I quickly jump on line to review the site and I was totally amazed by the unique clothing that I had to feature on my blog. I hope you take the time to enjoy this post and huge big thank you to Pedro Stantos for bringing this incredible label to our attention. Best thing about this brand – she a fellow “kiwi”.




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