Hakaan echoing in change


Hakaan Yildirim’s story is not like the most designers. For starters, the 39-year-old counts long time friend and fashion photographer Mert Alas as his line’s artistic director. The two, both from Turkey, met years ago on a shoot. Before launching his own line in his home country last Hakaan Yildirim studied design at Istanbul’s Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and was working for various Turkish labels.

His work is inspired by the fantastic realism of Swiss painter H. R. Giger who best known for the visual effects in the film Alien and has been compared to Ricardo Tisci and his signature style is shaping up to be a combination of modern minimalism and strong silhouettes for a sexy and confident woman.


Executing a potent vision of 1980s styling, Hakaan Yildirim combines highly structural silhouettes with ultra-modern fabrications in his futuristic collection for fall 12. Yildirim projects a distinctly 80’s shape through extended architectural shoulders reminiscent of Thierry Mugler’s round-shouldered power suits, echoing the retro, feminine silhouette of his peplum waists, capped sleeves and winged hips.

Classic pieces are subverted in line with the collection’s futurist undertones with button-down, loose-fit trousers and crew neck sweaters offered in coated leather or metallic lamé, alongside unexpectedly voluminous silhouettes that exact a warrior-like aesthetic through ribbed panelling or padded armour-style detail across a stand-out leather puffer jacket.

Drama of Paris fashion show 2012

THE Hakaan Paris Fashion Week show has been cancelled after couriers lost the entire collection. The spring/summer 2013 show was set to take place at 1.30pm on the penultimate day of the Paris schedule.

A spokesperson from Karla Otto, the fashion PR company that represents the brand, confirmed the news this afternoon. The fashion house is working to re-make the show pieces which will be displayed to fashion press at a later date. It has not yet been established how or why the collection went missing.


Image credit: Vogue.com



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