the enigma behind the lens Alexi Lubomirski’s

Alex Lubomirski photographic nature is able to capture the innocence displayed across Toni Garn angelic features. The photo-shoot for Vogue Germany he worked with Stylist and Editor for Vogue Germany Christiane Arp, creates soft and alluring piece, despite cooler environment, both costume and fashion come across visually strong. The headpieces are graceful and elegant, mixture with the flowing feel of kimono. The layering effect of the clothing seems to offset the coolness of the location it almost adds a magical warm tone to the photography. The inclusion of the falcon adds a regal charm, the models pale skin seems to add an aspect of theatrics.

Clothes by Antonio Marras, Michalsky, Hermès, Hannibal, Yukata Kimono Berlin, Damir Doma, Falke and Pearl River.

images credit: Alexi Lubomirski



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