The dark matter Bjork

tms: Bjork is a creativity planet that holds her own atmosphere, this is a person who reinvents invigorates the creativity circle from music to video. She is master of displaying dark, thoughtful, emotive concepts that push people perceptions to ask questions. Review her new video below.

The geological processes are not the only references to the environment in her latest work, the album is called Biophilia and it includes songs such as “Dark Matter” or “Virus”. Originally commissioned by MOCA, the video is a creative project with a very strong visual narrative. Bjork wearing heavy make-up, a blue wig and a sparkling top is shown as half-buried in the quicksand. The puppets imitating rocks fly around and above her, changing shapes and erupting. Already with the reading of a title “Mutual Core”, there is a reference to the deep unity of the two. The rocks are “kissing” with their colorful tongues, eruptions appear throughout the video and magma spills out of a structure resembling a face, everything is closed by a final explosion at then end.




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