Jack white front and centre for the Esquire magazine

Jack White always reminds me of ‘Sweeney Todd’ featuring Johnny Depp obviously excluding the serial killer instinct instead those killer instincts are found in different talent as a musical artist. I watched an interesting documentary about Jack White “It might get Loud”, it shows the tenacious being behind Jack White wanting to nurture his destiny in being a storyteller, and feverishly you see him picking the minds of the “Edge” from U2 and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin in trying to find the perfect sound his voice in the “guitar”.

It’s an amazing documentary you see the cheekiness, persistence, the strong will refusing to give up – in one particular scene you’re invited to see the creativeness’s of White constructing a make shifting a guitar out a bottle a few nails and guitar string and connecting it to an amp. Closes off with a simple remark ‘who says he needs to buy a guitar’.  The below is containing that intensity when Jack White feature on the front cover of the Esquire out in Jan 2013.

Jack white jack_white.3 jack_white.4 jack_white.5 jack_white.6 jack_white.7 jack_white.8

Video “It might get loud”


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