Japanese hipster designer Jun Takahashi, the creative force behind the cult label Undercover, has been a major fashion star in his own country for more than a decade. But the international spotlight largely eluded him until 2006, when he sent masked models down the runway, their faces shrouded in knitted hoods. Though the unsettling display reminded some viewers of the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Takahashi claimed he wasn’t making a political statement but voicing an idea about hidden beauty.

tms report:

I have been on a blog hiatus due to personal reason and not really finding a lot of items that stop me to think that is amazing! The undercover is fashion label that has been around but receives and deserve attention. The attention to detail that Jun Takahashi (designer) goes too, the clever use of models that are the norm, intricate patterns and material to spark your wardrobe. The Japanese sensibility for fashion and the ability to take quirk turn into breathable every day wear. I wish I was slender enough to occupy Undercover fashion finely cut design – I guess I am cut from a different cloth enjoy the post.


undercover.1 undercover.2 undercover.3 undercover.4 undercover




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