Ricki Hall

The tattoo, beard, slick backed hair and fashion sense to accompany a very cool attitude. There are few fashion  icons  that stop you in your track I’m constantly impressed with Justin O’Shea  Philip Crangi but then again who isn’t. I’ve spot another character that has similarities to O’Shea and Crangi, Ricki Hall a personality that enjoys all the things that we love and enjoys having a good time how can you not admire this fine specimen.

images credit: vanessaintexas.tumblr.com, arcstreet.tumblr.com,weheartit.com

Ricki hall.1 Ricki Hall.2 Ricki Hall

Interview care of client magazine

Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

If you could be any person for the day who would it be?
I would be Johnny Depp, walking around being all weird and peculiar. Love that.

Any tips on beard maintenance?
Shampoo and condition it regularly, keep it hydrated and smelling darling with beard lube. Also I always put a tiny bit of cologne in beard as it stays in there all day.

Were you scouted?
Yes, when I came down to London for the day on my own to meet a friend I got scouted walking out of Topman on Oxford street, quite cliche really.

If you could be transported anywhere, where would that be?
If I could be transported anywhere it would be Texas, or suburban America I love the whole way of American life and how they live. Ever since I was a kid and seen Edward Scissorhands, I would love to live in that street.

Who does your tats?
Zibi Dombek does all my tattoos. He is an amazing guy and great friend.

Are you a pomade man or a gel kinda guy?
I’m a gel spray guy. I’ve never really gone down the pomade route. The gel spray keeps it in place and solid for a couple days. Great for a sharp side parting.

If you could go to any gig past, present or future which would it be?
I would go to one of the first guns and roses or Nirvana gigs for sure.

What’s your motto?
Do something everyday that scares you. You will have a lot more interesting shit to tell when you’re old.


The MurdockMan presents Ricki Hall from Simon Hutchins on Vimeo.


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