Miharayasuhiro Spring-Summer 2014

The Phoenix, or to be more precise the manga series “Hi no Tori” (bird of fire, in English) by the Japanese writer Osamu Tezuka, was the starting point of designer Mihara Yasuhiro spring/summer signature show.

But this is a man whose body of sartorial work does not have a back story of rising from the ashes of a former incarnation. Quite the opposite, as each show over the past few years has progressed moves from one strong collection to the next- no rebirth needed.

Spring-Summer-2014-Mens-Clothing-by-Miharayasuhiro-1-600x900 Spring-Summer-2014-Mens-Clothing-by-Miharayasuhiro-5-600x900 Spring-Summer-2014-Mens-Clothing-by-Miharayasuhiro-4-600x900 Spring-Summer-2014-Mens-Clothing-by-Miharayasuhiro-2-600x900


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